Animal Health

Injectibles, creams, salves, boluses and tablets: many forms of the animal health medicines we carry for your pets and livestock.  PLUS, we have the know-how to recommend what to use and how to use it.  

Safe-Guard, Cydectin, Ivermax, CyLence, Liquamycin, Duramycin, Noromycin.

Wormers, fly and tick sprays, anti-fungal treatments, vitamin injections, scour and bloat treatments. 

Castrators, syringes, needles, birthing tools, forceps, hemostats, scissors, exam and OB gloves.

Topical first aid and antiseptics:

Vetericyn: Wound & Infection Care, Eye Wash, Pink Eye Spray, Hot Spot Spray, Antibiotic Opthalmic Gel, Umbilical, Navel & Udder Gel.

Cut Heal: Liquid Wound Care, Liquid Wound Spray, Aerosol Wound Spray.

Betadyne antiseptic sudsing skin cleanser.

Bottle-raising livestock?  We have Sav-A-Caf milk replacer for calves, Ultra 24 multi-species milk replacer, Ultra Start Multi colostrum supplement for newborn animals, NRG-Plus nutritional concentrate for all beef and dairy calves, Doe's Match kid milk replacer and many more.